About life expectancy of a Log House
There are Log Houses in Europe that are 400 years old and still being lived in! A properly constructed log house will last 2-3 generations if treated and
maintained properly.

About fire
The materials used in most conventional houses include highly inflammable and toxic plastics and m.d.f. It has been proven that when log house is on fire log walls and laminated beams burn at a certain speed without loosing their strength thus giving the occupants more time to get out.

About the Irish weather
Historically, log houses are able to withstand severe Arctic weather conditions. There are a many great Log Houses throughout Europe and Asia, in areas where the weather is damper, colder, dryer and hotter than in Ireland. Nevertheless, they stand up beautifully to this. Here in Ireland, we use a standard wood preservative to coat the outer logs. After that, we use a certified natural linseed oil, which not only gives a log golden colour, but also ensures long life in the damp climate of Ireland.

Can I get insurance for my Log House?
Yes, you can. There are several insurance brokers that offer fully comprehensive insurance on the structure and contents of your log house. If you are having trouble finding one just ask us.

Do i need Planning Permission?
The general rule is that, any building under 25m2 and less than 3.9m high to the side or rear of your house does not require planning permission. We advise customers to talk with their local authority as their situation may be different. Planning permission is the customer’s responsibility however we can provide you with contacts and professionals to help you through the process if required.

Will it be warm?
Wood is the best insulation material nature has to offer. Like with every other type of house you have to consider the insulation norms for floors, ceilings and roof, use the right kind of doors and windows, etc. When you add a knowledgeable builder to that you will have a very energy-friendly house. Timber is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our log homes retain 40% more heat than block or brick.

Do you build log homes from unique plans/projects?
Yes. This is one of our key advantages. We will always find the best solution for every client. You can send your log home plans to us and we will give you a free price estimate.

What type of foundation is required?
The type of foundation will depend on specific site factors including soil type, proximity to trees, ground levels etc. A strip foundations and piers foundations are the most common. Paving slabs can be used for a small Log Cabin.

How long does it take to build a log house?
For 3-4 bedroom Log Homes range we would predict 4-5 months, For Garden Houses we would predict 4-7 weeks.

Where does timber come from?
The timber is known as a Russian Pine. All timber comes from sustainable forests and from the coldest parts of Russia, where wood grows very slowly and is dense and fibrous. This makes the timber less prone to cracking, splitting, and warping.

What is the thickness of the walls?
The wall thickness varies depending on the purpose of the building. For a proper Log Home we use logs 250-300mm in diameter. For a Garden House we use logs 180-250 in diameter. During the production process only bark is peeled off retaining the natural protective layer of the wood ensuring maximum durability as nature intended.

What can I use my log building for?
You can use the log building as a house, a holiday home, a lodge, an office, a gym, a play house, the list goes on…

What type of windows do you offer?
We offer traditional wooden windows with 24mm double glazing.

Where do you deliver?
Nearly anywhere on mainland Ireland. (also other parts of Europe).